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love you. i love you. >>> let's go to a breakup from that. john mayer and katy perry have split. >> how do you women feel about john mayer? >> i think he's a serial dater but the thing about him is he talks about them after the breakup. like he goes on howard stern or goes on different shows and talks about the girl and you feel like who would want to date the guy if he's doing things like that? >> yeah, john, come on, dog. >> yeah. >>> we have a basketball and the two next to us, because it is march madness. you are a freak for the march madness. >> i am. >> do you do the brackets? do you do the whole thing? what do you do? >> i started a bracket on if you go there, go there and join my group, and we're good to win. louisville is going to take it. >> is it? >> i think louisville is going to take it. i mean that's who i have winning, number one team in the country. we'll see. it's a fun time of year. you get your buddies together and you compete. >>> let's compete. reach for a ball. this is my one skill. be careful of that ravioli. we're going to spin and we're going to time i
of applause for karen. >> next, we have diana john drayson. she's 51, from lima, ohio. she spends most of her time aiding special needs students. that's a lie. we decided she deserved to be pampered for a few hours. let's listen to her story. >> okay, you seep saying goodness, gracious, help me, help me. you're grabbing me. tell us how you're feeling. >> very nervous. sorry. >> tell me why? >> being on tv and stuff. >> what about a whole new makeover and a whole new look? >> that, too. >> you're nervous about everything? >> yes. >> we're going to meet your sons. their names are soda pop and river. real names? >> that's right. soda pop is from the movie yth if outsiders." and "river" is from river phoenix. >> we're going to make you look as cool as your son's names. >> that will be great. >> here she is, she's with her sons. soda pop and river. we're going to have child services come in, any minute. let's take one last look at diana before. and let's bring out the new diana. >> looking good. >> foxy. >> all right, kiddo. >> take off your blind folds. >> oh, my gosh. >> sexy momma. it's getting
? >> when i recorded that song, it wasn't long after john hughes passed away. he was in my mind obviously a lot. i wanted to do it as a tribute to him. but the rest of the songs are all american song books. >>> you are an iconic redhead, we thought it was fitting on this day to play a game that we're going to call -- guess the redhead. all right? you and me -- okay. this is a game, neither of us know who they are here is picture number one. who is that? oh! who is that redhead, i'm guessing it, prince harry. >> very good. >> he's for me. he is completely, totally for me. that look is for me. >> okay, name that redhead. >> she's not red, she's blonde. i don't that counts as a redhead. >> i might be unstoppable. i'm going with kathy griffin. >> oh my god! >> she did look blonde in your defense. >> i'm killing it on the redheads. >> who is that? oh! >> all right. who is -- first of all, is this a man or a woman? it's julia roberts. >> is it julia roberts? >> oh! that's shaun white. the snowboard pro, from the olympics. >> bobbie thomas set us up. >> it could have been julia roberts. i want t
. savannah? >> we are following breaking news in afghanistan. secretary of state john kerry is making an unannounced city of kabul after visiting iraq on sunday. andrea mitchell is traveling with the secretary. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. secretary kerry just arrived and, as you know, it was a difficult relationship with afghan's president karzai. officials on the plane say that kerry knows him well, has seen him five times -- has been to afghanistan five times as a senator and believes they can get past the difficulty, the friction of when karzai told the secretary of defense that he believes that america is conspiring with the taliban. they believe they can get past that. they know it will not be a smooth transition but they are here to work on all of those issues, the political and security issues. they are aware and supportive of karzai's statement that he is going to start working on talks eventually with the taliban and eventually the state department officials say will be direct talks with the taliban as long as they have laid down their ar
with john travolta going for more than $300,000. bought by a british man as a surprise to cheer up his wife, something that might have pleased diana, as well as her son and his wife, so close now to starting their own family. it's interesting to see the diana gowns. overall they sold for less than expected but you still see that very high level of interest even after so many years. savannah? >> michelle kosinski at buckingham palace, thank you. here's hoda and natalie. >>> this touching story, a 26-year-old woman hearing the voices of her family for the very first time. natalie is here with the story, sounds terrific. >> imagine going your whole life without being able to hear and all of a sudden getting the gift of hearing. amy barber was born deaf and after seeing the success stories of other patients she decided to try a cochlear implant. >> you can hear my voice? can you hear my voice? these were the first few sounds amy barber has ever heard in her young life. >> it's so different. >> reporter: after 26 years she's hearing the voices of her parents and her 6-year-old son, blake, for th
morning to you. >>> we begin with a surprise visit by secretary of state john kerry who is there to urge nuri al maliki to insure that flights are not carrying weapons to syria. secretary kerry was in jordan and swrurl where he talked with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu about the israeli-palestinian peace process. >>> pope francis is taking part in his first palm sunday service. tens of thousands turned out in st. peters square to pray with the pope for the start of the holy week. he arrived in an uncovered car and then preside over the mass from an altar on the steps of st. peter basilica. hug it out. there you go. >>> police in london are investigating the death of a russian tycoon who was a fierce critic of president vladimir putin. chemical hazard police are searching boris's london home after he was found dead inside. the cause is still unknown. boris fled to britain in 2001 after having a falling out with putin who was granted political asylum there two years ago. >>> the bodies of two sky divers who went missing after a jump have been found in florida. crews started sea
candidates john edwards and talk about carrying on her legacy with the elizabeth edwards foundation and the trim uhms of and tragedies. >>> let's head inside, natalie has a second look at the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. gunfire at the u.s. marine corps base in quantico, virginia, has left three marines dead. officials say one marine fatally shot a male and female colleague last night and took his own life after a standoff with authorities. lockdown at the base which is south of washington, d.c., was lifted this morning. >>> a possible suspect in the murder of the colorado prison's director was shot and captured by police on thursday after a high-speed chase that ended in decatur, texas. police say 28-year-old evan ebel was driving a car similar to the one near tom clements. ebel fired at officers who tried to pull him over. he was convicted of several crimes in colorado including assaulting a prison guard in 2008. >>> president obama paid his respects this morning at israel's memorial to jewish victims of the holocaust. he said with the survival of the strong jewish state
minneapolis to atlanta last month pleaded not guilty wednesday. his attorney said 60-year-old john hunley does admit to making an offensive racist comment but denies slapping the 19-month-old boy. his attorney says he was under stress because he was flying to atlanta where his son was dying. >>> an experimental leukemia treatment genetically alters a person's own immune cells to fight the cancer. the treatment was used on five adults with acute leukemia who tried chemotherapy. the treatment did not work for all of them. but for one patient who was severely ill, all traces of the disease apparently vanished in eight days. >>> and now for a look at what's trending today. our quick round-up of what has you talking online. lindsey vonn's new role as tiger woods' girlfriend. it features vonn recreating sharon stone's infamous leg crossing scene from the movie "basic instinct." meantime, tiger says the couple finally went public with the relationship to keep the paparazzi from stalking them. >>> a pair of internet milestones will have you wondering how we used to spend our spare time. twitter is mar
around john daly boulevard. the off ramp there, no unusual slowings. i will track that for you. the northbound and south bay continue to build. >> we will have another local update in one half hour from now. we'll see you then. ♪ >>> 7:30 on this monday morning. we are getting a view of the queen. a new documentary just out reveals her quirks and all. live to buckingham palace for the highlights. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. >> a lot of fans of those "50 shades of grey" block are clamoring to know who will be starring in the movies when they come out. one young star is speaking out about rumors surrounding her possible role. we will tell you more about that. >>> then tight rope daredevil luke wallenda joins us. he has a big announcement about his next stunt. it is a doozy. >>> first, dignitaries from all over the world or descending on rome ahead of tomorrow's installation of pope francis. we're welcoming back a familiar face to our viewers. maria shriver is at the vatican for us this morning. good to see you again. >> reporter: nice to see you too, savannah. it
, when pope john paul ii was shot and critically wounded by metlib ali abjab. >> it wasn't a pope mobile back then, it was an open jeep and he shot and killed hill. >> reporter: fences were erected and magnetometers were installed, hidden in the colonadde to stand everyone who goes inside st. peter's basilica. for events like today's installation, more security is visible. while pope francis may be seeking a simpler papacy, which includes turning down the trappings of the office, this humble priest who used to ride the bus to work may have to get used to being one of the most recognizable people in the world. >> it's very difficult to tell someone that they have overnight become the target of potentially tens of thousands of people's ire. >> reporter: while hurricane francis may settle into a routine t makes you wonder is there anyone who can say no to a pope who wants to express his love for his people? >> francis has shown that he wants to be outgoing and he wants to go out and touch people, so they will have to allow him to do that, and be as careful as possible. >> that's right, they
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10